Uniswap Launches Closed Beta Android Wallet

Uniswap expands its user base with the launch of its Android beta app, offering seamless coin selection and secure transactions.

Oct 13, 2023 - 14:06
Oct 19, 2023 - 14:29
Uniswap Launches Closed Beta Android Wallet
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On October 12, Uniswap unveiled the launch of its closed beta Android version of its mobile app. This initiative showcases Uniswap's dedication to widening its user base and enhancing its platform's user experience. With Android's strong foothold in the mobile operating system market, this initiative is poised to introduce a significant influx of new users.

Uniswap stands as the biggest decentralized crypto exchange in terms of total volume, with transactions surpassing $1.7 trillion since its beginning, as per DefiLlama's data. The majority of its trading activity has been through its web platform. However, on April 13, they introduced an iOS mobile app. Before this, the team expressed frustration over Apple delaying the app's debut on the App Store. Yet, even after Apple's approval, there wasn't a specific app for Android users.

As per the announcement on Oct. 12, the fresh Android beta app offers a feature where users can pick coins from various chains without the need to manually change networks. The app smartly identifies the coin's network and shifts accordingly without any user intervention. Currently, it supports Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, and BNB Chain, with plans to add more chains in the future.

Furthermore, the wallet directs Ethereum transactions via a private pool to counter potential front-running and sandwich attacks. Users have the option to disable this feature. The wallet also recognizes coins with inherent transfer charges, presenting these fees clearly to the user.

The announcement provided a link for users to join an email waitlist, indicating that this would facilitate the distribution of the app to its initial users. In the upcoming weeks, the team has intentions to make the app's open-source code public, aligning with its security review in collaboration with Trail of Bits.

Uniswap isn't the sole decentralized exchange with a mobile wallet offering. In 2021, 1inch introduced an iOS mobile wallet, and its Android counterpart was released in October.

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