Metaverse Welcomes Virtual Coaches: The Voice Joins In

Immerse yourself in The Voice's metaverse gamified experiences, coach singers on virtual stages, earn NFTs for predictions, and access exclusive content.

May 11, 2024 - 13:12
May 10, 2024 - 14:41
Metaverse Welcomes Virtual Coaches: The Voice Joins In
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The Voice has launched its inaugural metaverse gamified experiences, enabling fans to coach singers on virtual stages, earn NFTs for accurate predictions during live shows, and access exclusive experiences.

Fans of The Voice can now immerse themselves in coaching their favorite stars through a new metaverse experience that merges real-time interactions with virtual reality. On May 8, The Sandbox, a decentralized gaming platform developer, announced a partnership with Virtual Brand Group (VBG) and ITV Studios, the production company behind The Voice, to introduce "The Voice Coach Battle."

This metaverse experience allows fans to assume the role of a celebrity coach, sit in the iconic red chairs, press the big red button, and guide aspiring talents, mirroring the actual show with the game adapting to the choices made by virtual coaches.

Apart from being a gamified rendition of the popular show, this metaverse experience also invites fans to engage with NBC's The Voice 25th season within the game. Players are incentivized with nonfungible tokens (NFTs) awarded weekly for correctly predicting which contestants will progress to the next round and eventually emerge as winners.

Additionally, participants in the NFT-driven competition stand a chance to win tickets to attend live recordings of the show in five different countries where it is aired, bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms.