Lufthansa launched NFT loyalty program on Polygon

Lufthansa launches Uptrip, an NFT loyalty program on the Polygon Network, allowing passengers to turn their trips into unique digital assets for rewards.

Aug 31, 2023 - 12:49
Oct 19, 2023 - 13:26
Lufthansa launched NFT loyalty program on Polygon
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Lufthansa, one of Europe's largest airline groups, has launched an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) loyalty program. Developed on the Polygon Network, this program allows passengers to turn their trips into unique digital assets that can unlock various rewards. The initiative, named Uptrip, is a project by Lufthansa Innovation Hub and is integrated with Miles & More, the airline's frequent flyer program.

Lufthansa's Uptrip is an NFT collection that passengers can acquire by scanning their boarding passes using the Uptrip mobile application. These NFTs are essentially trading cards that passengers can mint and transfer to their crypto wallets. The rarity of these NFTs determines the type of rewards passengers can unlock, which range from flight upgrades and airport lounge access to frequent flyer status and award miles.

The Uptrip NFT collection is not limited to Lufthansa alone. Other airlines in the Lufthansa Group, such as Austrian Airlines and Swiss International Air Lines, also participate in the Uptrip loyalty program. This means passengers can earn new NFTs with every trip across these airlines.

Lufthansa aims to make Web3 technology more accessible to its customers through the Uptrip program. According to Kristian Weymar, an executive at Lufthansa Innovation Hub, Web3 is still in its early stages, and many users are curious but hesitant to engage. The Uptrip program is designed to bridge this gap by offering a straightforward way for passengers to interact with blockchain technology.

The Uptrip program has garnered significant interest since its launch. According to Christopher Siegloch, head of program development at Miles & More, there have been over 20,000 sign-ups and 200,000 NFT trading cards minted. This success indicates a strong demand for such innovative loyalty programs in the aviation industry.

The Uptrip NFT collection was developed on the Polygon Network, which has been involved in various other NFT projects with companies like Starbucks, Nike, McDonald's, Reddit, and Coca-Cola. The collaboration with Lufthansa adds another feather to Polygon's cap, showcasing its versatility and growing influence in the blockchain space.

The Uptrip program can potentially extend to the 36 million members of Lufthansa's traditional loyalty program. This massive scale indicates the airline's commitment to integrating blockchain technology into its business model. Earlier this year, Lufthansa expressed interest in decentralization and tokenization, viewing them as opportunities for new business models.

Moreover, Lufthansa is not alone in exploring the potential of Web3 technologies. Other players in the airline industry, such as Etihad Airways, have also announced plans to launch NFTs.

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