Japanese Exchange Set to Launch Digital Securities Trading on December 25

Get ready for a new era of digital asset trading in Japan as the Osaka Digital Exchange (ODX) prepares to launch its security token trading system on December 25.

Nov 20, 2023 - 16:40
Japanese Exchange Set to Launch Digital Securities Trading on December 25
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The Osaka Digital Exchange (ODX) is poised to initiate the trading of digital securities in Japan, marking a significant step in the country's embrace of alternative asset forms. This development is set to commence on December 25, with ODX launching a trading system specifically for security tokens.

Two real estate firms are at the forefront of this new venture. Ichigo, a company based in Tokyo, plans to issue over $20 million in securities, which are backed by property investments. Alongside Ichigo, Kenedix is also preparing to introduce its digital securities on the ODX platform.

Security tokens are a form of digital assets that typically represent a share or interest in an external asset or enterprise. These tokens are classified as security tokens when they adhere to federal regulations and derive their value from external, tradable assets.

The introduction of security token trading on an exchange like ODX is anticipated to enhance the liquidity of these assets, making it more accessible for individual investors to participate. This move by ODX and the involved real estate firms indicates a cautious yet progressive approach towards the adoption of digitally managed securities in Japan. 

The initial offering, capped at $20 million, suggests that the market is still in an exploratory phase, gauging the demand for such innovative forms of securities.

In other developments within Japan's digital asset landscape, recent months have seen significant strides. Reports indicate that the Japanese government is considering allowing startups to fundraise using cryptocurrencies instead of traditional stocks. Additionally, a major electronic payments company has announced plans to launch a stablecoin project backed by the Japanese yen, aiming for a 2024 release. 

These initiatives reflect a broader trend of increasing interest and investment in digital assets and blockchain technology within the Japanese market.

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