Ethereum zkEVM Scroll Launching in Weeks

Scroll zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) is a community-driven approach to enhancing scalability while preserving Ethereum's decentralized ethos.

Sep 18, 2023 - 13:34
Sep 18, 2023 - 16:12
Ethereum zkEVM Scroll Launching in Weeks
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After a dedicated two-year development journey, a passionate team of Ethereum enthusiasts is set to unveil the Scroll zkEVM. Unlike many other projects, Scroll is deeply rooted in Ethereum's core values. Ye Zhang, the co-founder of Scroll, describes the project as more than just a technological endeavor; it's a "labor of love." The team's commitment to Ethereum's foundational principles and a community-driven approach sets Scroll apart in a crowded field of zero-knowledge EVMs.

"We can grow this community very organically, and then grow our network effect, not in a very silly way, not in a very marketing-driven aggressive way."

While several zero-knowledge EVMs exist, Scroll's determined commitment to Ethereum's principles makes it stand out. The project is not just about enhancing scalability; it's about doing so while preserving Ethereum's decentralized ethos. Zhang emphasizes that the project is not just about technological advancement but also about philosophical integrity. With comprehensive tests and meticulous code audits backing it, platforms like Uniswap and Aave are poised to leverage Scroll's capabilities from its inception.

The blockchain arena is saturated with zkEVM solutions, with notable names like Polygon, Immutable, StarkWare, zkSync Era, and the recently launched Linea by ConsenSys. However, Zhang highlights a key distinction for Scroll. While some systems might have potential vulnerabilities, Scroll offers robust and complete proof of all Ethereum "opcodes" and transaction components. In Zhang's words, it's about ensuring compatibility and providing "foolproof assurance."

Scroll compresses data off-chain by harnessing zero-knowledge proofs, submitting only the proofs on-chain, leading to enhanced throughput. Furthermore, with its EVM component, Scroll guarantees seamless integration with existing Ethereum software and applications. 

The initial setup will still involve some centralization such as sequencers, Zhang said, but the roadmap will decentralize this further over time.

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