Colombian President Allegedly Received $500K Crypto

This accusation adds to the ongoing investigation into illicit financing of President Petro's campaign. Stay informed about the latest developments.

May 11, 2024 - 13:18
May 11, 2024 - 13:17
Colombian President Allegedly Received $500K Crypto
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Local media reports allege that Colombian President Gustavo Petro received over $500,000 in digital tokens from a fraudulent crypto project to fund his 2022 campaign. According to former contractor Omar Hernández, Colombia-based crypto project Daily COP made an unauthorized donation of 2 billion Colombian pesos, approximately $514,036, in crypto to Petro's campaign in 2022. Hernández disclosed this information to Caracol Radio on Wednesday. He stated that the contribution was organized during a February 2022 gathering at a bakery in Bogota, with Daily COP co-founder Sebastián Betancourt, Petro's former campaign manager Ricardo Roa, and himself. During the meeting, they also discussed the benefits of cryptocurrencies compared to traditional banking systems.

Hernández mentioned, "The issue of regulation and the adoption of [blockchain] technology…was discussed, " adding that the purpose of the meeting was to explore potential collaborations or partnerships with the government. 

This claim of an illicit crypto donation is the latest in a series of accusations related to President Petro's campaign activities. Last year, Colombia's attorney general's office initiated an investigation into potential illicit financing of Petro’s 2022 campaign.