Coca-Cola's New NFT Collection: The "Masterpiece"

Coca-Cola unveils the "Masterpiece" NFT collection, blending classic and contemporary art with iconic Coke bottles.

Aug 21, 2023 - 15:32
Oct 18, 2023 - 18:14
Coca-Cola's New NFT Collection: The "Masterpiece"
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Coca-Cola has recently launched its "Masterpiece" NFT collection, a blend of art, technology, and the brand's rich heritage. This collection of digital artwork, backed by the well-known beverage company, has stirred interest and brought in revenue in the world of cryptocurrency. It features a mix of classic masterpieces and contemporary art, all inspired by the iconic shape of the Coca-Cola bottle.

A Blend of Classic and Contemporary

The "Masterpiece" collection is a rich art blend featuring classic masterpieces and modern creations. It includes renowned works like Edvard Munch's "The Scream" and Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring." Alongside these, contemporary artists such as Fatma Ramadan, Aket, Vikram Kushwah, Stefania Tejada, and WonderBuhle have added their unique touch. Unveiled at Coinbase's "Onchain Summer" event, the collection quickly became a hit among collectors.

New artists have played a significant role in this collection, infusing it with a modern flair. Their collaboration with Coca-Cola has breathed new life into classic works, and artists like Fatma Ramadan, Aket, Vikram Kushwah, Stefania Tejada, and WonderBuhle have added a fresh perspective to the iconic brand.

Coca-Cola's senior director of generative AI, Pratik Thakar, expressed admiration for the campaign. He said, "At Coca-Cola, our history of collaboration with the artistic community spans eras, and today’s technology and innovation open new and captivating avenues for our ongoing artistic partnerships."

Market Response and Earnings

The "Masterpiece" collection earned $543,660 at Coinbase's "Onchain Summer" event, with over 80,000 collectors snapping up eight unique digital works in just 72 hours. The earnings were divided into $360,000 from collections themed around classic painters like Vermeer, Munch, and Van Gogh and $88,000 from contemporary artists.

The Masterpiece Collection (Coinbase)

Even in a slow market for NFTs, the Masterpieces collection has had a promising beginning. But it's important to remember that investing in NFT collections from big brands has sometimes been risky for traders. Some items from the Masterpieces collection have already dropped in value on OpenSea.

Coca-Cola's Previous NFT Initiatives

Coca-Cola has been involved in the NFT space for some time now. In 2021, the company auctioned its first NFT memorabilia on International Friendship Day, donating part of the proceeds to Special Olympics International. They also celebrated Pride Month in July 2022 by unveiling 136 special mementos.

The "Masterpiece" collection is a notable step in Coca-Cola's journey into digital art and cryptocurrency. It combines both classic and modern art with the well-known Coca-Cola bottle design, attracting collectors and art lovers. The market has responded well so far, but the collection's long-term success still needs to be determined. What's clear is that this move shows Coca-Cola's dedication to creativity and collaboration with artists, signaling a fresh approach to brand engagement in today's digital world.

The collection's success also follows closely on the heels of other brands like McDonald's exploring NFTs and the Sandbox, indicating a growing trend in the intersection of brands and digital collectibles.

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