Casio to reveal G-SHOCK NFT Collection on Polygon

Casio partners with Polygon Labs to launch a NFT collection based on its iconic G-SHOCK watches, with 15,000 limited-edition Creator Pass NFTs up for grabs.

Sep 5, 2023 - 13:58
Oct 19, 2023 - 14:15
Casio to reveal G-SHOCK NFT Collection on Polygon
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Casio, the Japanese electronics giant, has partnered with Polygon Labs to introduce a unique NFT collection based on its iconic G-SHOCK watches. The initiative is set to kick off with the release of 15,000 limited-edition G-SHOCK Creator Pass NFTs. 

Casio is not just digitizing its watches; it's creating an entire ecosystem around them. The G-SHOCK Creator Pass serves as a community access pass, granting holders exclusive entry to a dedicated Discord channel. This channel will serve as a hub for co-creative projects and events within the community.

The distribution of these NFT passes will occur in two phases:

  1. Pre-Distribution Phase (Sep 23-26): Exclusive to individuals who have registered for a CASIO ID on the official membership site.
  2. Public Distribution Phase (Sep 26-29): Open to the general public.

Polygon Labs, known for its Layer-2 scalability solutions on the Ethereum blockchain, offers a seamless and efficient process for creating and managing NFTs. Moreover, Polygon's protocols are carbon-neutral, aligning with environmental sustainability goals. Takahashi Oh, Senior General Manager of Timepieces at Casio, emphasized that Polygon was the most "natural and logical choice" for a frictionless and simple user experience.

Casio is adopting a community-focused strategy for this venture. In the first phase of community involvement, the brand is encouraging users to contribute their own design concepts for the G-SHOCK Creator Pass. These designs will then be subject to a community vote to decide the final look. The design that gains the most votes will be incorporated into a special version of the NFT pass, highlighting the project's collaborative objective.

The brand views this project as a way to capitalize on the long-standing appeal of its renowned G-SHOCK watch, known for its durability against shocks. Since its introduction in 1983, the G-SHOCK series has been a cornerstone of the brand, with Casio announcing that they have distributed more than 100 million G-SHOCK watches globally.

This move aligns Casio with other distinguished companies like Coca-ColaAdidas, and Lufthansa, each of which has also launched their own NFT collections in partnership with Polygon Labs.

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