Bitcoin's Bumpy Ride: The Fall Below $29,000 and What's Next

Bitcoin's price plunges below $29,000, causing a $20 billion decline in the crypto market. Find out the details and expert predictions for the future.

Aug 1, 2023 - 16:36
Oct 19, 2023 - 14:14
Bitcoin's Bumpy Ride: The Fall Below $29,000 and What's Next

Bitcoin, the pioneer of digital currencies and the most significant player, has once again made headlines. On August 1, 2023, Bitcoin's price dropped below the $29,000 mark, a level unseen since mid-June. 

This sudden drop has sent ripples across the crypto market, causing a decline of over $20 billion in the total crypto market cap. Let's see the details of this event, its implications, and what experts predict for the future of Bitcoin.

The Fall: Bitcoin Dips Below $29,000

Bitcoin's price performance took a sharp turn for the worse in the past several hours, dropping to a 6-week low of under $28,800. This sudden drop came after a week of relatively quiet trading, with Bitcoin's price hovering between $29,000 and $29,500. The weekend, typically a less eventful part of the week, saw Bitcoin remaining just under $29,500. However, all of that changed during the early hours of the Asian trading session when the bears took control and pushed Bitcoin south hard.

As a result of this sudden drop, Bitcoin fell to its lowest price position since June 21 at $28,750. It has managed to recover a few hundred dollars since then but still stands under $29,000. Its market capitalization has retraced to $562 billion, and its dominance over the altcoins sits at 48.3% on CoinMarketCap.

The Ripple Effect: Altcoins Follow Suit

When Bitcoin heads south, so do most altcoins. This has been the case in the past 24 hours as well. Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency, was unable to overcome $1,900 for several consecutive days, and a 1.5% decline has now pushed it to under $1,850. Ripple, Dogecoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Shiba Inu, Tron, and Uniswap are also slightly in the red.

More significant losses come from the likes of Polygon, Solana, and Litecoin, all of which have dropped by up to 4% daily. The landscape with Stellar and Optimism is even worse, as XLM is down by 5.5%, while OP has plummeted by 8%.

In total, the crypto market cap has seen $20 billion evaporate from yesterday’s peak and is down to $1.160 trillion on CoinMarketCap.

The Analysis: Expert Opinions and Predictions

For popular trader and analyst Rekt Capital, the close price was significant but demanded that buyers step in to protect the trend. He flagged $29,250 as the line in the sand. 

Looking at short-term targets, many market participants acknowledged that the area around $28,000 should come in for a test. In particular, $28,300 stood out, this being the cost basis of Bitcoin’s speculative investor base, known as short-term holders (STHs).

Daan Crypto Trades, meanwhile, eyed the 200-week moving average (MA), a classic bear market support level, as a point of interest should further downside ensue. The 200-week MA stood at $27,235 as of August, 1.

While the recent drop in Bitcoin's price has caused some concern, it's important to remember that volatility is a hallmark of the cryptocurrency market. The key takeaway here is that while short-term fluctuations can be dramatic, the long-term trend for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has been one of growth. 

As always, investors should conduct their own research and consider their risk tolerance when investing in cryptocurrencies.

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